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Dr. Cody, Dr. Dan, and Dr. Adam got together (virtually) to discuss a topic that could make or break a new veterinarian’s relationship with their new employer:


As now-seasoned veterinary professionals, they have first-hand insight into the process and how it can affect everyone involved in the long term. As they reminisce about their days of post-graduate onboarding at their first veterinary jobs, they note what worked, what didn’t, and everything they do differently today to ensure success.

So what determines a “good start”? What can be done on both ends to establish a healthy, functional, and comfortable work relationship that will benefit everyone?

  1. Managing expectations from the start. Before the official start date, begin prepping staff, other doctors, and the new employee on what to expect and how they will be affected.
  2. Have a timeline in place. What will day one look like? Week one? Month one? Year one?
  3. Mentorship. Shadowing can nurture your new employee’s comfort level. Throwing them into the grind without guidance can lead to overwhelm.

The episode is chock full of tidbits that will be valuable when it comes to retention, and isn’t that the goal? To breed the kind of confidence and professional companionship that will last?

If you’re looking ahead at post-grad life, you’ll learn:

  • What signs to look for that your employer is going to set you up for success.
  • What questions to ask in order to achieve confidence and comfort within your new role.
  • What to do if you get to your first day and it’s NOT what you thought.

If you’re a practice owner who’s looking to establish or revamp your onboarding process, you’ll gain:

  • Insight on how to prepare your staff, prepare yourself, and almost seamlessly bring a new asset to your team.
  • The wisdom to determine facilitated vs. natural chemistry and how to pair your new employee with a proper mentor.
  • The ability to pour into your employees and watch your practice flourish.

Don’t underestimate the power of a proper onboarding process. Give the episode a listen, and grab a pen– you’ll want to take notes!

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