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Don’t scroll down unless you want to reach your practice ownership goals

We warned you!
This page is for MOTIVATED eyes only.

You should only be reading this message if you want to hit the ultimate summit of veterinary business: practice (or multi-practice) ownership.

We think you have what it takes. Maybe you joined us on one of our public/not-so-secret meetings, or perhaps you’ve been lurking us on Instagram. (Either way, we see you!)

You know that practice ownership is in your future, but you just need the mentors and community to help you decode the secrets. Well, that’s what you get when you become an official member of 7S Society.

Get your mentorship from people who have made the summit

You’ll be learning from mentors with proven track records in their field, from practice ownership to marketing and management.

Find a diverse group of peers that believe in community, not competition

We believe there is room for everyone at the top. Come surround yourself with motivated veterinary professionals that believe the same.

Once a member, always a member

Join the society during our inaugural year, and you’ll earn a permanent spot in our community. Practice ownership is no small feat, and we’re ready to support you for the long-haul.

What are our current members saying?

“As a veterinary student, joining 7S was one of the best decisions I have made for my future, thus far. I never realized how much vet school DIDN’T teach you, and I have learned so much more about practice ownership, good business, and the importance of culture than I ever would have imagined.” – Sophia Chavez

What are our current members saying?

“I dream of being a veterinary practice owner someday soon. This group is all about mentorship and encouraging more vets to go into ownership. I could not have asked for more support and resources from these guys. They have a powerhouse team to help make dreams like mine become a reality. Check this group out. I’m glad I did!” -Dr. Seth Williams

Join the Society. The view’s great.

Our meetings might be secret, but they have a plan!

2 monthly group coaching calls to answer your questions, plus guide you through our 12-month startup series to set you up for practice ownership success.

Startup Series:

  1. Feasibility assessment of a de novo practice.
  2. Creating a business plan and securing financing.
  3. Real estate tips and tricks to building or buying a practice.
  4. Tips and tricks to clinic design and buildout.
  5. How to get the best deals with partnerships with vendors (suppliers, equipment, insurance, PMS, etc.)
  6. Staffing a de novo.
  7. Setting up a strategic branding and marketing plan before opening day.
  8. Current trends and opportunities with services and revenue generation.
  9. Budgeting, measuring success, and the path to profitability.
  10. Startup clinic horror stories and the hard lessons learned.
  11. Hindsight is 2020: pivoting and adapting at milestones.
  12. When is it time for the next clinic?

Not ready to become a member, but want to know more about practice ownership?

We decode many practice ownership mysteries in our monthly public meetings. Check our Events Page to reveal upcoming locations.

Need us to reveal more?

We’re here to answer your questions. Just submit them in the form below.