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Whether you’re a recent veterinary graduate, or just exploring your employment options, we have one question for you…

How much thought have you given your employment contract? 

Many newbies to the veterinary workforce might think they don’t have much say in their employment contract. That a job is a job, and they are just glad to land one. Dr. Dan and Dr. Cody are here to bust that myth and elaborate on the vitally important topic of employment contracts and how to negotiate them! 

Before jumping into the contract negotiation, did you know that some new employees don’t even sign a contract?!


In this podcast gold episode, Dr. Dan and Dr. Cody explain your rights as an employee, and what is up for negotiation when it comes to your contract. First thing is first, you NEED a contract in order to consider a job! It can save you from a ton of headaches further down the line. As a valuable employee, you deserve the peace of mind, and as a quality employer, they should want to offer you that. 

But what kind of things should be negotiated and outlined in your contract? 

They’ll explore:  

  • Salary. Sure, salary is important. But there’s more to it than that. It’s not your only component to a quality life. What’s fair? What will leave you room for growth?
  • Bonuses. Are there incentives to work towards that will benefit you and also help you to grow in your knowledge?
  • Vacation time. Some new employees are afraid to ask for this and feel the need to prove their worth by working without breaks. You deserve them! Find out what to ask for according to your needs. 
  • Supplies. Will your employer pay towards your clothing and any necessary equipment? This stuff adds up! $$$
  • Continuing Education. A surefire sign of a solid employer is one that invests in your success. 
  • Different Insurances. Personal liability. Health. Vision. Dental. What’s included and what are you responsible for? 
  • Non-competes. To sign or not to sign? And how can this affect you further down the line?

Listen to the episode for the wealth of contract knowledge these two veterinary professionals and practice owners have to offer! 

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